My photographs showcase where I am lucky enough to have travelled.
Each photo is another stitch in my life’s rich tapestry, I hope you enjoy them.
You can read more about my photographic journey below.
Brent Smith
Licentiate of the Photographic Society of New Zealand (LPSNZ)
Christchurch, New Zealand is my home.
My spare time is usually spent in the great outdoors and my camera is my constant travelling companion on my adventures. I particularly love tramping, kayaking and mountain biking, so I have ample opportunity to find somewhere great to take photos.
I travel far and wide seeking beautiful places, but am also lucky enough to have beauty on my doorstep.
I bought my first “proper” camera around 1982, it was a Minolta XD5 and straight away I realized that having a camera made me view the world differently.
Photographers are fortunate to see and appreciate things in ways that many others do not – the crisp winter air, the way light changes, angles and perspectives all adding to the beauty of what is before us. Having the ability to capture special moments forever, for me is a great privilege.
When I travel, often my primary motive will be to go somewhere that I would like to photograph – either the scenery or the people, I particularly love Asia because it has such a different feel to home.
I have set up this site to show some of what I have found beautiful (or in some cases just different) in my travels.
If you would like to purchase or use any of my photos please contact me, the greatest compliment I can have is someone else enjoying my photos.

“Photography is a magical kind of art that allows people to preserve time and moments, and to show the world the way that they see it”